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Armani Exchange I

pretty and affordable. not many things are better than that. 

xo, TK.

Dot, Dot, Dot.

J-Crew has done an incredible job re-branding itself. Loving what they have in stores at the moment. 

Up-Town-Girl Playlist

My monthly playlist on Spotify is up, a mix of both old and new. The three must-listen songs are, Muse- Madness, Travis- My Eyes & Milo Greene- What’s the Matter. 


One of my favorite Billy Joel songs.

Here is a live recording— Matt Koziol and I messing around and rehearsing for an acoustic show.

Enjoy & Happy 4th! <3.

Food.Fashion. Music—-Healthy, Light Lunch

Tuna sandwiches. Although they are relatively healthy to begin with, here is a way to make them better

Instead of using mayo— use canola mayonnaise. This is the brand I prefer: http://bit.ly/M9K6vD

& use organic dill pickles & sprouted bread: http://bit.ly/My0c0Z

On the side, if you want to try a little somethin’ tasty and different, buy these delicious sweet potato chips. I eat about a bag a week: http://bit.ly/NUIgBF

If you are looking for a quick, easy and cheap lunch, this should DEFINITELY be a go-to. 

XO, TK. 

Food.Fashion. Music—-Alternative Apparel

The outfit I put on every day depends on a single factor: How comfortable will I be in this? There is a brand that I have recently been obsessed with. Its called Alternative Apparel. They have a  shop in Venice, CA that I used to shop at often and I have recently stumbled upon there website where I have found many of their great pieces. 

For Men: You cannot go wrong with their hoodies— The Eco-Heather Zip Hoodie in Eco-Black is one my man owns and wears constantly. THe material feels like butter and it gets softer the more you wash it. Check out the link below: http://bit.ly/MqSl7i

***As you can see in the picture above, women can also wear their men’s hoodies***

For Women: I love their cotton dresses. There is one dress currently on sale that reminds me of one I bought earlier this summer— Striped Pixie Dress: http://bit.ly/PscwC2

Is anyone else into this brand as much as I am? Let me know what your favorite product of theirs is.